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Candace On Demand

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Share Candace’s story with your organization anywhere, anytime.

In this pre-recorded 40-minute presentation, Candace shares with honesty, the real life impact of a workplace incident. With her engaging and humorous style, Candace delivers important lessons through personal stories and anecdotes that keeps the audiences' attention. This is an excellent resource for organizations who may not have the budget or space to host a live event.

In addition to dispelling the “it can’t happen to me attitude”, key themes also include:
  • A stand alone piece for safety events
  • A foundational piece to prepare 'hearts and minds' for further mandatory training
  • A reminder as to the “why” safety is important
  • A precursor to the "Step Up Your Safety" video training series
  • As part your organization’s onboarding program
Candace On Demand can be used as:
  • A stand alone piece for safety events
  • A foundational piece to prepare 'hearts and minds' for further mandatory training
  • A reminder as to the “why” safety is important
  • A precursor to the "Step Up Your Safety" video training series
  • As part your organization’s onboarding program

Step Up Your Safety

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Making safety matter, means making safety personal. Introduce your workforce to a fresh approach to improving your safety culture. Get straight to the heart of what safety means to your organization.

Engaging video segments, thought provoking guided discussions and a workbook component offer options to engage workforces across all industries, of all sizes, just in time. Candace’s digital program is designed to help each and every employee uncover their own personal reason “why” safety truly matters to them.

The program consists of six modules that include:
  • A 6-8 minute video
  • Workbook (hard copy/digital)
  • Guided Discussion Outline for use by your team or a facilitator from your company

Step Up Your Safety can be used as:
  • A compliment to the Candace on Demand presentation - offering more mileage in the message, expanding on key themes and providing content to roll out “just in time”.
  • A precursor to mandatory training
  • A tool for onboarding
  • A workshop session

Virtual Sessions

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Candace’s virtual sessions were a result of the pandemic, however due to the success, efficiency and efficacy - they are here to stay! Candace shares her story, while offering an interactive experience for the audience. Questions and comments are welcome throughout the presentation, to make a personalized and engaging session your workforce will enjoy.

Virtual Sessions include:
  • A consultation with Candace to discuss the needs, goals, and challenges of your company
  • A customized 60 minute presentation, including time for Q&A/Discussion
  • A customized 30 second promo video , recorded by Candace for your organization to promote your upcoming event

Virtual Sessions are ideal for:
  • Keynotes where in person is not possible
  • Smaller events where a live speaker may not be feasible
  • Events where attendees are working remotely or across multiple sites

Virtual sessions with Candace deliver maximum impact to your organization, and allows everyone to interact from anywhere.

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  Safety Personal

Storytelling is an integral part of changing culture. Consulting packages and multi-presentation programs also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Candace is a Safety Motivational Speaker, Empowerment Advocate and Culture Change Agent who believes the best way for companies to maintain or improve their safety culture is through sharing stories. She starts the process by sharing her own story of how she lost her leg while on a job site and what it taught her about why injuries still happen today. Read more.
After 20 years of speaking about safety to companies all over the world, Candace wanted to design a program that a company of any size or location could deliver to their employees to help make their safety message more meaningful and memorable. Step Up Your Safety includes six short modules (video and a workbook) designed to help companies revitalize their safety program with employees by getting to the heart of why safety really matters to each and every one of us. Read more.
The best way to identify the program for your team is to get in touch with us. Send us an email at Through a quick discovery session we can help customize a program based on your workplace safety needs and culture.
The Step Up Your Safety program has two streams of completion, it can be self-paced. This means that each participant moves through the learning material at a rate that matches his or her learning style, prior understanding of the topic, and time availability. Or it can be used to accompany a company’s larger safety program and schedule. Read more.
Each employee gets their own code and account to view their videos and complete the course workbook. You can log out at any time and log in again later using your PIN and Password. The system will remember where you left off and start you there the next time you log in. There is no expiry to access the course. Larger organizations can get administrative access to view their teams’ status and completion.
We want to ensure your company and team are successful and offer a host of support to make that happen. Our support team is here to help answer any technical questions or concerns you have once you are in the program. We recommend getting in touch with our team before starting so we can understand your goals and make recommendations based on our experience with other clients. Read more.